AR Results- 7/22/06
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Performance Adventure Racing Series -- 7/22/06

Hanna Park, Jacksonville, FL


Racing on a typically hot, humid Florida day, the lead repeatedly changed before Team Stooges was able to win this extended Sprint Adventure Race. Teams started with a short task called a Tangle, then continued into the Blind Relay Gear Check. When they had accounted for their essential gear,   there was a 3-4 mile Trek that took teams through both sunny and shaded parts of Hanna Park. At the end of this Trek, Team Fernandina Boys were leading Team Snappa Heads  by only about three minutes, with Team WTF/You Devil, Team Stooges and Team X - George Nazario all close behind. Returning to the Main Transition hot and sandy, the Teams were directed to cool down in a task called Shark Bait, which took them a short way into the ocean. The race continued with a bike tour of some of Hanna Park's technical bike trails, during which Team Stooges was faster and made good their efforts to pass the other Teams and take over first place.

The next Performance Multisports adventure race will be The BEAR, on 9/3/06, with a choice of either a 6-hour limit sprint race or the full version of The BEAR. Race site is Hanna Park. For information, see 

Sprint Adventure Race -- Tangle, Relay, Trek, Shark Bait, Bike

Team #



Overall Place


Division Place

672 STOOGES 2PM 1 3:22:22 1
667 FERNANDINA BOYS 2PM 2 3:22:54 2
673 X - GEORGE NAZARIO SOLO 3 3:26:07 1
666 WTF, YOU DEVIL 2PM 4 3:29:56 3
677 SNAPPA HEADS 2PC 5 3:37:08 1
675 RAIDERS 2PM 6 3:43:18 4
669 LOST WITH A COMPASS 2PM 7 4:07:21 5
670 HANG ON SPORTS 2PM 8 4:11:12 6
661 VEGAS 2PC 9 4:38:22 2
662 MARITAL DISCORD 2PC 10 4:38:46 3
668 CHALLENGER 2PM 11 4:44:30 7
664 DA BOOM 2PC 12 4:52:36 4
676 ALL GEARED UP 2PM 13 5:O3:35 8
663 MANDALORE 2PC 13 5:26:20 5
660 DNA 2PC 14 5:26:40 6

Photos of The CUB Adventure Race on July 22d -- You can view and purchase copies of your race photos at... If you want special pictures made up, just let me know what you would like and Craig will custom shoot you or your team.

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