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Performance Adventure Racing Series -- The Goodies


Are you really doing this race just to get another T-shirt?


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Probably not, since...

The Performance Adventure Racing Series will provide:
bulletRace Management and Challenges:  Printed instructions. A thoroughly tested,  sanctioned race course, with a great variety of physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging activities that will provide you with more than enough to discuss around the coffee shop, water cooler at work, or among your non-participating buddies. If you do not feel sufficiently challenged upon finishing, please let us know -- click here.
bulletSpecial Tests / Mystery Challenges:  All equipment and materials necessary for special tests. These tests are designed to test teamwork, mental ability, and sometimes, physical strength. The Performance Adventure Racing staff and volunteers will be on hand to help guide Teams with the tests if needed. Tests may include: wall climbing, carries, archery, orienteering, low crawl, Tyrolean traverse, swimming, knot tying, negotiating cargo nets, and memory or mental quizzes.
bulletSecure Transition/Storage Area:  There is a fenced, secured transition area where you can keep your race equipment. However, do not leave unnecessary valuable belongings in this area.
bulletSafety Personnel at the Course:  There will be race management personnel along the course to provide check points and to ensure safety in race activities. Follow their guidance and directions.
bulletFirst Aid: There will be EMS nearby, should the need arise. If you need help, look for a race management/crew member and they will call in your location to get assistance. The primary EMS station will be near the Main Transition area just outside the Race site.
bulletRadio/phone Communications:  To link Check Points, various points on the course, and the Main Transition.
bulletOh, yes... there will be custom-designed Race Finisher shirts for all Team members to keep. There will be race packets with all the goodies we can acquire, often including energy gels, body lubricants, and special offers. There may also be other souvenirs for those completing the race course within the time limits.


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