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This page is for listing individuals or Teams who are looking for Teammates for The Performance Adventure Racing Series events.  If you or your Team are interested in finding another Teammate, contact the Race Director - click here. Please use the subject line: "AR Series Teammates." 
bulletBe sure to provide information about yourself, what you need in a Teammate: gender, abilities, goals, ability to train with you, your location, etc., as well as what you offer to the Teammate. 
bulletBe sure to include your email address and phone numbers so that you can reach one another. 

Athletes who contact The Race Director will be listed below with the information they provided.

bulletTeam looking for racer to join team. Team is beginner at best -- main priority is finish the race. Please contact israel at (850)398-5897 or email to (posted 8/25/08)
bulletTeam Florida Xtreme in Jacksonville (NE Florida) is looking for teammates for The BEAR and other adventure events in the Southeast. Please visit our website for more information visit  
bulletFemale, looking for a team. I'm a 27 year old female with a few races behind me. My strengths are biking, running and keeping everyone hydrated. I'm competitive, but focus on having fun. You can contact me (Brook) by email or 
bulletMale, 61, living in Venice, Fl. Looking for team mate, 40+ Good at biking, trekking and kayaking. My AR experience: 1st race October '06 "Howl at the Moon," 
bulletMale, looking for partners - location Jacksonville. 1st time in an AR. Decent runner, mtn biker, rock climber. Need help with swimming. Contact Ed: -- or 904-396-2860
bulletMale, 34 - from Puerto Rico - involved in Adventure Races since January 2000, participating in sprint style, 12hr and 24hr races. I'm also part of the only Adventure Race Team in the Caribbean: TEAM X. Skills: Strong Bike & Kayaks Skills, Good trek/run/navigation abilities, Overall (Intermediate) - need a teammate that competes according to my abilities. Primary interest (besides finishing in a good position) is have fun.  Looking for someone well oriented in team work. I speak and understand English 85 to 90%, so sometimes l have limitation. In the last two events with Performance, I shared decisions and routes with other teams and racers with no problem. Contact George at 
bulletMale, 28 - looking for partners - location Long Island, NY. Just entering the adventure racing circuit. Decent runner, mtn biker, and swimmer.  Work out on a daily basis - ready to race just need a team now. Contact Fazil Zafar at ph# 631.845.3267; fax# 631.845.3464 or email to 


To add a listing, contact the Race Director - click here

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