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The Performance Adventure Racing Series

When in doubt, use this Update page's information.

Leading up to the weekend of Performance Adventure Racing Series events, general updates will periodically be posted on this page. In addition, answers to racers' questions that, in fairness, should be seen by all, will be posted here for all participants to view. The updates will be listed in order, with most recent info at the bottom.  If you have questions, please see The Questions page.    To enter, click here.

bullet We have been scouting some new locations and found a great one -- Bayard Conservation Area.  
bulletInformation about our adventure races will be announced here and notices will be sent to our notification list. To be notified, be sure that you sign up for our notices by completing our online form -- click here to be notified.
bulletTeam Check-in and Mandatory Meeting -- PROCEDURE FOR 2009 ADVENTURE RACE SERIES events:
bulletFor The Performance Adventure Race in 2009: Check-in for the races will take place on the morning of Race Day. 
bulletLocation will be Bayard Conservation Area (east parking lot, off Hwy 16, just south of Green Cove Springs, FL and immediately west of the St Johns River). (Please visit our AR Series Directions page for details) Similarly, the Mandatory Meeting will begin at 8:45AM at race site on Race DayThere will NOT be a Check-in or Team Meeting on the evening before the Adventure Race Series events.
bulletFor Pre-Race Instructions, with details of directions to the Main Transition (MT) Area, click here
bullet For the Check-in on the morning of race day, each Team member will need to print out and complete an Acknowledgement (waiver) form and bring it to the Team Check-in at race site.

bulletWhen the race is scheduled for Bayard Conservation Area (also called J. P. Hall Preserve):  On race day between 7:45am and 8:10am, enter the EAST parking lot of Bayard Conservation Area (BCA). Park as designated by signs or Race Officials. Walk to the Main Transition (MT) area with your Paddle gear and place it in the MT as directed by Race Officials. Deliver your kayaks and/or canoes to the Paddle Staging Area at the north side of the Main Transition. After checking in with the Race Official by the MT, leave only your boats at the Paddle Staging Area. Your paddles, and lifejackets will be placed inside the MT. After dropping off your Paddle gear, get your bikes and other gear. Store your bikes and other gear inside the MT. Complete your set up in the Main Transition by 8:45am -- and be ready for the Team Meeting at 8:45am.
bulletCarpooling is strongly encouraged, due to the limited parking. It is important for your Team (and spectators) to arrive in one vehicle and park in the parking lot, near the trailhead and Main Transition. DO NOT PARK ON HIGHWAY! If there is no available parking in the east lot, racers will be directed to park in the west lot, which is just a short distance west along Hwy 16.
bulletTeam Meeting and Start -- On race day just prior to 8:45am, all Teams are to assemble on foot with your Essential Gear on the Start Area in front of the Main Transition Area. Line up along an north/south oriented Start Line to receive final start instructions. Of The Essential Gear, Teams will not need bikes, kayaks, canoes, paddles, or life jackets with them at the starting line. Teams will need to have any other Mandatory Gear listed in The Essential Gear list. We plan to start the race at 9:00am.
bulletWe are very excited about The Performance Adventure Racing Series -- we have been designing the courses, getting needed permits, and preparing the special events within the races. We know these races will be a good introduction to those new to adventure racing and definitely challenging for Teams with experience.
bulletTeams in the Super Sprint race -- The Super Sprint race is intended as both an introduction for newcomers to the sport of Adventure Racing and a good challenge for those wanting a quick adrenaline fix. The Super Sprint does not require kayaks or canoes for the racers. There will still be plenty of challenge and opportunity to go home dirty (& looking like you were working hard).
bulletLate registration -- There are spaces for teams and you can register by mailing your entry not later than a week before the race, or in person at the Team Check-in on the day before the race. In order for us to be better prepared for all teams, please send an email to us to notify Performance of your intentions -- list team name, team captain name, team category (for example: 2-person coed) and distance/race you intent to enter.
bulletAcknowledgement of Risk, Release of Liability, and Indemnification Agreement -- Each team member needs to print out a copy of the Release - Acknowledgement of Risk, Release of Liability, and Indemnification Agreement and either send it with your mailed registration or bring it to Team Check-in on the morning of the race. Click here for the Acknowledgement form.
bulletFor directions to each race site, please visit our AR Series Directions page.
bulletMaps of the race area are at these web locations --

For races at Bayard Conservation Area: Click here for Bayard CA maps

For races at Guana Research Reserve: 1. Topo Map of Guana Reserve.  2. Map of Guana Reserve south trails and Wildlife Management Area. It would be wise for you to make copies of these maps for your Team.

bulletAccommodations -- Please visit the AR Series Lodging page for additional listings for each race site. 
bulletNotification List -- if you would like to be notified of upcoming events from Performance Multisports, you can click here to be added to our Notification List and get the information early.
bulletThe Race Course -- Though there will be a Main Transition (MT) area and Teams will return to it and have access to it from time to time, it is best if Teams think of this as a wilderness race in which you move from point-to-point without encountering your gear, except as the Race Instructions permit.  Teams can and will be directed away from the MT for hours at a time, so it is important to plan fluids and fuel accordingly.
bulletThere may be portions of this course where you are allowed to bike on paved roads. If Race Instructions cause you to follow parallel to any paved roads on foot, such as a trek or portage, your Team must stay on the left side of the road, facing any traffic. You may move on paved roads (with caution) if the Race Instructions direct you to do so, but Teams may not remain on pavement as you travel on foot if there is dirt or grass on the side of the paved area. Infractions will result in severe Team penalties. From the Start signal, Teams will have some mystery events and check points along the course at seemingly random locations. Always announce your Team Name and Number to Check Point officials as you approach.
bulletRemain together as a Team through each portion of the Race – 10 meters apart is the limit allowed. There is no advantage to being separated. Separated Teams will be stopped until reunited. Excessive separation will result in severe time penalties or disqualification. 
bulletVolunteers -- Race Officials on the course are volunteers, giving their time to help make this day of adventure both a success and a challenge for you. Please follow their instructions and carefully follow the written instructions they provide at various Check Points. If you have an emergency, ask them to notify the Race Headquarters. They are here to ensure safety and fair play. It would also be considerate for you to thank them as your pass through their Check Points and when you see Race Officials along the course. Without generous volunteers, races such as the Performance Adventure Racing Series would not be possible.
bulletBecome a Volunteer Race Official  --  we enjoy having interested people work with us for each Adventure Race. If you or a friend are interested in being a volunteer Race Official for a race, contact our Volunteer Coordinator  by email (click here) .
bulletMandatory Equipment -- The Performance AR Series Gear page lists all gear that is mandatory and is specific about which items must be with the Team at all times. It also list items that are required for each Teammate. For example, if the list states: " Spare bike inner tube -- MANDATORY at all times - one per Team member" that means that each member of the Team is required to have a spare bike inner tube on his/her person at all times. If the list states: "Bike repair kit -- MANDATORY at all times - at least one per Team," then that means that a Team must have at least one bike repair kit with the Team at all times. (I realize this seemed clear to some Teams, but others have asked about it.)
bulletKayak/canoe Portages -- Whenever required to portage your kayaks or canoes, your “boat” is NOT ALLOWED to be touching the ground while moving. Your team may use a wheeled device to transport your boat during the portage, but any conveyance must also be carried securely on the boat during any paddling on water. If you chose not to use a wheeled device, your team must carry the kayak or canoe off the ground when it is moved over land, including any beach, trails, or roads.
bulletCanoes or Kayaks -- In the Mid-Distance Race (6-hour), Teams may use either canoes or kayaks -- or both or any combination of the two. Yes, a two-person team is allowed to use one canoe and one kayak -- or everyone can be in one boat -- or two boats, if you choose. For rentals of kayaks or canoes, see the Kayak Rentals page. See next note about portaging your canoes or kayaks.
bulletPaddle Section -- Paddle sections will be held on waters local to the race site -- Parts of the Paddle Section often include portages. Teams will be permitted to use their own wheeled dollies or carriers for the portages, though all wheeled equipment must also be taken with the Kayak or Canoe at all times and cannot be picked up or left along the course. This would mean transporting the wheeled gear while paddling. Boats are not allowed to be dragged on the ground. Contact the Race Director about renting a carrier or see the AR Series Optional Gear list for suggestions about carriers for sale.
bulletFor races at Guana Research Reserve: Teams MUST remain on designated trails and use wooden bridges when traveling in the southern part of Guana Reserve (south of the fence marking the Guana WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA (WMA). Teams are NOT ALLOWED to cross any man-made, wooden bridges either on foot or on bikes when in the Guana Wildlife Management Area (north of the dividing fence). In the WMA, if biking, dismount, take your bike around the bridge on foot, and continue on the course as directed in your instructions. In this race, bridges in the WMA are considered as obstacles and may not be touched. Cheating will result in disqualification or severe penalties.
bulletThere could be Team mystery events and check-in points along the course at seemingly random locations. There will be Instruction Sheets that Teams must retrieve and carry, record, or hole-punch along the course when completing a check-in. Do not lose your Instructions or maps. Teams need to have all Instructions and maps with the Team, until told to turn them in to a Race Official during the Race. Teams need to complete all challenges prior to the finish to have completed The Race.
bulletProtect all Instruction sheets and Check Markers. At times Teams may be required to mark their Instruction sheets directly or to write information from race signs. These must be verified to get further instructions.  Cutting corners will cause you to miss Check Points and Check Markers not mentioned in Instructions. 
bulletCut-off Times -- there will be a time deadlines for finishing The Performance AR races.  Teams must reach a designated finish area to have officially completed each Performance Adventure Race within time limits.
bulletBike Helmets -- In the interest of overall Team safety, the PAR Series Gear list has been updated to include bike helmets as an item that must be carried (or worn) by racers at all times. See changes to the PAR Series Gear here and while you are at it, be sure to familiarize your Team with The PAR Series Rules.
bulletHydration -- There may not be locations along the race course where Teams will be able to get some water or sports/energy drinks. However, Teams should plan to carry enough fluids (and foods) to be self-sufficient for up to three hours at a time if not returning to the Main Transition. Take advantage of any opportunity to "fill up" your bottles or fluid bladders when passing through the Main Transition -- fluid replacement opportunities will be limited at other locations on the race course.
bulletBug Repellant -- we have encountered parts of the course  for The PAR Series that sometimes have serious bug populations -- and they seem to like human companionship. We suggest that you carry your favorite bug repellant with you. Of course, cold weather could slow the little critters down.
bulletSun Block -- we recommend that each Teammate carry plenty of sun block and lip balm.  Watch out for each other and re-apply sun block often in our Florida sunshine.
bulletFree Advice -- Be sure to pace yourselves and plan on carrying plenty of fluids. Your Team will also want to replace energy, as well as electrolytes, so bring sports gels and electrolyte replacements such as Hammer Gel and Endurolyte, found at and good sports stores. Read over the PAR Series Gear list. When you are given printed instructions, read over them thoroughly before acting; think about what is required in any race instructions you receive on the course. This race is about managing your resources (not just going fast at the beginning). Don't forget that the Mystery Events are meant to break up some of the "usual" disciplines, so enjoy them. Be good to your teammates and your Team will be good to you. That nervousness you may be feeling is just excess energy you have not yet turned toward a positive purpose. Plan to have a good time and don't forget: that is why you are racing in The PAR Series races.
bulletRacing Categories and Awards -- There will be 2-person Teams and Solo competitors racing in The Performance Adventure Racing Series. First, Second, and Third Place awards are presented in the following 2-Person Team categories only: 2-Person Coed; 2-Person Male; 2-Person Female.  The 2-Person teams will compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place collectively as a division no matter what their gender mix or age, as will Solo Female and Solo Male. (The Military/Public Safety discounts do not designate additional racing categories, though we wanted to provide special discount/incentive for military, fire, rescue, police, sheriff, lifeguard, and similar public safety personnel. Teams who enter with the Military/Public Safety discount get to race in the above categories.)
bulletCancellation Policy: Much of the cost of providing an adventure race is spent long before you arrive at the race site. In fact, most of our costs need to be paid in advance and are not recoverable. Typically, we go forward with an adventure race "rain or shine." If severe weather conditions or other issues out of our control (such as hurricane or the closing of the race site by order of the local government), we will postpone and reschedule our race. The race organizers are not responsible for such changes in schedule, and will credit any paid entries toward the rescheduled race date. If a written cancellation of registration is initiated by the participant more than 21 days in advance of the event date, full credit will be available. If participant's cancellation notice is sent 21 days or less (before the race), a 50% credit will be applied; 10 days or less, a 25% credit; less than 120 hours notice, or no notice ("no shows") will receive no credit. Any such credit is good for 180 days from the date of the scheduled event toward entry/registration in another similar Performance Multisports event. Refunds are not available.
bulletWhen race is scheduled for Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve:  On race day between 7:45am and 8:10am, enter Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve (Guana Reserve or GTMNERR). DO NOT PARK OR DRIVE ON ANY GRASS or on dirt (other than designated dirt roadway)! After passing the entry/guard gate, proceed west to the end of the paved parking lot and before the start of the dirt road. Park your vehicle in a marked space, on the paved parking lot in the westernmost paved parking lot, closest to the trailhead. Walk – DO NOT DRIVE – west on the dirt roadway to the Main Transition (MT) area with your Paddle gear and place it in the MT as directed by Race Officials. Deliver your kayaks and/or canoes to the Paddle Staging Area at the east side of the Main Transition, just north of the westernmost paved parking lot. After checking in with the Race Official by the MT, leave only your boats at the Paddle Staging Area. Your paddles, and lifejackets will be placed inside the MT. After dropping off your Paddle gear, get your bikes and other gear. Store your bikes and other gear inside the MT. Complete your set up in the Main Transition by 8:45am -- and be ready for the Team Meeting at 8:45am.

We're looking forward to seeing you and your Team for the Team Check-in and Pre-Race Briefing -- and for Performance Adventure Racing Series!

Best wishes to your Team for a safe and successful race –

 from The Race Officials and Race Managers

of Performance Multisports.


There will be new updates posted here from time to time. To get the most recent information and changes, be sure to return to this page periodically in the weeks leading up to The Performance Adventure Racing Series events.

The race scheduled for Sunday, 8/19/07, at Hanna Park in Atlantic Beach, FL, was postponed due to circumstances beyond our control. We sincerely regret any inconvenience to you. 

This postponement is due to changes in management at Hanna Park and severe changes in the rules, some of which were not made known to us until after payment for space within the park, submitting our event application, and our commitment to conduct the race. If you need further information, please contact us at (904) 285-1552 during office hours.

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