The BEAR 2001
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Finisher Results for the Beach Extreme Adventure Race

25 August 2001




Team Name/Number


1 1 2-Person Coed Mad Ultras, 21 8:31:00
2 1 3-Person Male Team X-treme, 15 9:14:42
3 1 2-Person Male Sierra, 39 9:49:27
4 2 2-Person Male Eco-Challenged, 28 10:12:35
5 3 2-Person Male In Omnia Paratus, 34 10:16:44
6 2 2-Person Coed Endurance, 29 10:17:37
7 1 3-Person Coed Beach Nuts, 6 10:21:38
8 4 2-Person Male Terra Discoverers, 38 10:44:00
9 5 2-Person Male Obidiah, 30 10:47:10
10 2 3-Person Coed TeamWork, 1 10:51:24
11 3 3-Person Coed Hopeful, 3 10:58:04
12 2 3-Person Male HHR, 11 10:59:11
13 6 2-Person Male Unidentified, (No number) 11:03:11
14 7 2-Person Male WTF, 40 11:10:32
15 8 2-Person Male Billy Bobs, 36 11:12:01
16 9 2-Person Male Cross Country II, 33 11:23:14

The  Team Mad Ultras' finish of 8 hours, 31 minutes by Marla Buecham and Doug Lott was extraordinary. It was great to see how well they worked together in the various challenges, including The Great Wall at the entry to the Main Transition. Their effort was smooth and continuous, as they led the race almost all the way, at times leaving a check point just as Team X-treme was in the same location on the course. They have already asked to come back for the next version of The BEAR!

Unfortunately none of the Military Division, 2-Person Female, or 3-Person Female Teams completed the course in 2001.  Heat and humidity throughout the day led to greater fluid loss than anticipated. Strong incoming currents and contrary winds delayed some of the Teams on the kayak stages. Difficulty in locating check points on the northern Navigation stage also led to time delays and excessive energy expenditures for Teams in Huguenot Park.  Most Teams completed the first four stages (navigation on land, kayak, navigation on land-2, & kayak-2), but many did not start the biking stage before the cut-off. 

All Teams worked hard to prepare for, compete in, and complete The BEAR 2001, though the results do not indicate the full efforts shown by so many Teams and their team members.   Forty Teams began The BEAR on 25 August 2001. Due to a variety of challenges, not all of them planned or reversible, 24 Teams were unable to complete the full challenge of The BEAR.  We have the deepest respect and admiration for all the finishers listed above... and for all the Teams who were out there on the race course striving to meet the challenges and yet not able to finish the full race.

We also thank the volunteers and spectators who patiently waited and served the race and the Teams in their own ways. Many volunteers held their posts through the unexpected delays so that Teams would have staffed check points along the course. These kind volunteers are truly the ones who make it possible to have a race like The BEAR.

                     Jakson Badenhoop & John Pretzell -- The BEAR Race Managers

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