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Frequently Asked Questions -- A Guide to Survival

How can our Team enter The BEAR?

bulletYou may ENTER ONLINE at this secure website.
bulletYou can get a printable entry form online:  Click here for BEAR Entry Form.  Print it, complete the form, include your fees as noted, and mail in to address on the form. 
bulletYou may register at our Race Day Check-in before the Team Briefing -- check our BEAR Updates page for details.

How can we enhance the safety of the Teams?

Stay together! It is mandatory that each team stays together throughout the race (except for medical and other emergencies). It is also frustrating and a mental let-down for a team member who gets left behind! Remember, it can also be very dangerous to leave a team member in the field alone. Teams will not be able to proceed past check-in points unless they are together.  We don't wish to penalize Teams for splitting up -- so...


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What if I need a Teammate?

We will try to help athletes get together to form teams. Send us information about yourself and we will post it on the BEAR Teammates page, so you can contact other potential teammates for The BEAR.  Click here for our BEAR Teammates page.

Is there really a SWIM?

We call it  a Team Swim. -- think of it as wading and swimming across a river... possibly a salty one.  It is not an individual swimming event. As with most segments of The BEAR, Teams must stay together throughout the swim portion(s) of the race. If a Swim is included, each Team will be required to have at least one life jacket with the Team during the Swim. The life jacket(s) may be worn, carried, pulled, or pushed by the Team. If the Team becomes separated or loses possession of the life jacket(s) at any time while on the swim, the Team will need to re-group or regain possession of the life jacket(s) and re-start the Swim Segment.

Hydration during The BEAR Adventure Race

This event takes place in Summer... in Florida...  Proper hydration is extremely important. Entrants should count on finding no aid stations along the course; you must bring all food and water with you. The order of events are not given before the start and you can find yourself on the water or on trails for hours before passing through the transition area. Take plenty of water with you. The CamelBaktm is an excellent option, as it permits you to carry fluids on your back throughout a race.

What about the gear we wear or carry?

You can expect that your shoes and other clothing and supplies may  get wet and dirty. This fact must be taken into consideration when choosing the items that you will bring to the race. There will be a portion of the race that will require some wading/swimming, so plan to wear appropriate clothing that would dry quickly.

You never know when a canoe or kayak may tip over and unsecured items can quickly find their way to the bottom or float out of reach. Therefore, before you get in and when in the boat, carefully secure all items to the canoe or to your body. Dive teams will not be provided to find your car keys, favorite sunglasses, or wedding bands, for example.  Don't carry things you will not need during the race -- especially valuables.

What are the Rules for The BEAR?

For a list of the Rules and other important information for The BEAR, see The BEAR Rules .   Each Team should be familiar with the rules.

What should I bring for The BEAR?

Each member of your Team is required to turn in a signed copy of the Adventure Race Release & Waiver, so print out, complete, sign, and turn it in at the Check-in/ Packet Pick-up before the Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting on the morning of the race.

For a list of mandatory equipment and recommended items, see The BEAR Essentials - click here.  There will be one Main Transition area located at the race site.   The BEAR Essentials list shows instructions about what you should pack for the transition area -- and what gear you need to have with you "at all times." Watch the BEAR Updates page for any changes prior to the weekend of The BEAR.

NEED TO LEARN TO USE A COMPASS? Hold down the Ctrl key and click here to find simple instructions that you can download.

When and where do I get my Race Packet?

PACKET PICKUP AND LATE REGISTRATION: Each member of each Team must pick up a race packet and complete waiver forms in person before the race. Teams should pre-register, so that there will be race packets and instructions for them on race day. Each member of newly registering teams must be present to complete necessary waivers and pick up their race packets. Watch the BEAR Updates page for any details prior to the weekend of The BEAR.

MANDATORY PRE-RACE MEETING will be held before the race.  Each team must attend the Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting to receive race materials and instructions. Watch the BEAR Updates page  and Pre-Race Instructions for details prior to the weekend of The BEAR.

How can our Team win... or happily survive The BEAR?

This event is an adventure -- it has physical, mental and emotional challenges. Winners don't give up -- they persevere throughout the race all the way to the finish.  Each Team will have moments of exhilaration and moments of disappointment, yet those Teams will do best that encourage each other and press on.  Keep in mind that your speed and endurance are critical resources to be managed with care and used well along the course. There will be plenty of times when your team will be called upon to make decisions that will determine both your ultimate outcome in the race and your comfort level as you compete.

A great deal of thought and preparation has gone into creating and refining The BEAR adventure race. There will be directions for your Team all along the way -- read or listen to them carefully and make your best choice of how to take action or respond to the information you are given. The BEAR is both a mental and physical challenge.  Consider your options of how best to respond. Quick decisions may not always be the best. Taking shortcuts will mean missing necessary Check Points and needed Check-in Markers, so consider your choices carefully. Teams that work together well will have more fun and tend to have better results in the race. Be supportive of your Teammates -- you each have strengths that are important to your Team (and weaknesses that need to be taken into account as you race).

How can we keep up with changes?

Be sure to check the BEAR Updates page often for announcements or changes. 

What if I have other Questions?

Carefully read the information on The BEAR web pages. If you still have questions, click here. Be sure to tell us the name of your Team, so that we can assess whether we should allot your Team some kind of penalty for asking questions that are already answered in the BEAR web pages... :-)

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