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you have more questions about The BEAR?


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As you probably understand, specific details of the race components are a mystery until the day of the race, but we are happy to answer your questions that do not ask us to "give away" secrets about the event.

The BEAR is planned to have distances for the various disciplines within the ranges that you see online at our web site. In 2001, both the distances and level of challenge were increased from the first two years of The BEAR, so that is one of the major factors in the different finish times. We also instituted a 12-hour time limit in 2001,  so that more middle-to-back of the pack teams can finish officially. Starting in 2007, we are using a 10-hour time limit. We expect that experienced teams will finish within a range of 7-9 hours, though it could be longer for some teams.

As with many other adventure races, the course, order, and challenges will change from year to year for The BEAR, though the basic ingredients include off-road bike, run/trek, navigation, non-technical climbing, paddle, and team mystery events. I'd ask that you look over all the online pages for The BEAR so that you and your teammates can get a good idea of what is in store for participants. Then register and come to join us for The BEAR.

Please look over the various pages of information on this website for The BEAR. If you have further questions, feel free to contact Jakson Badenhoop of Performance Multisports by email or by phone at 904 / 285-1552.

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