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14th Annual




Ultramarathon & Team Relay

Saturday, MAR 15, 2014

Put together a team of 2, 3, 4, or 5 runners, run it solo, or bike it! 

The Performance Jetty-2-Jetty Ultra & Team Relay is the longest oceanfront beach run in the world. The race was first held in 2000 by a group of distance-running friends to test the possibility of going the distance on the beach (before the tide pushed us up into the dunes or houses). Over the first few years, coordination with the tide was worked out. Now the J2J is open to all who would challenge themselves to go the entire length of this island, individually or as a relay team -- or bike the distance. J2J starts on the oceanfront at 8:30am, in Atlantic Beach, not far from the St Johns River entrance, and finishes 35 miles later to the south at the rock jetty by St Augustine's entry to the sea. There is now a category for those who wish to test their endurance by riding the entire length on a bicycle. You and/or your relay team can run as fundraisers, if you choose -- or you can run independent of the fundraising effort. Just let us know.

Performance Jetty-2-Jetty Ultra & Team Relay is designed as a self-supported run -- it is more like an adventure run than your ordinary 5K road race or street marathon. There is traditionally minimal aid provided by the race organizers. Participants are encouraged to have a crew of family or friends who provide fluids and food at locations of their choice along the course. Your crew can meet you at any public beach access -- almost anywhere along the coast. Your own relay teammates could also act as your team's support crew when not running. The entire race is held on the beach as the tide provides an ever-widening, flat smooth surface for running and biking. Participants are not allowed to leave the beach to travel on roads -- the official race course is all on the beautiful beaches of Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jacksonville Beach,  Ponte Vedra Beach, Guana, and Vilano Beach. ALL participants need to register in order to take part in the race or relay -- and should pre-register at least 10 days prior to race day to be awarded a FINISHER'S T-SHIRT in your preferred size.

Be sure to check the Jetty-2-Jetty UPDATES page in the days prior to the race for changes, tips, and last-minute information.

ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST REGISTER: Although the Jetty-2-Jetty Beach Ultra is open to the public and any runner or biker is welcome, anyone interested in participating must register.  You may register online (below) or by mail. To register by mail, it is important to print out and send in your J2J Entry Form early to allow for planning this event. You may contact Jakson Badenhoop via email or at (904) 373-8411 prior to the day of the event for registration details and to ensure timely access to the start area.

Online registration coming -- watch for notice or use our printable entry for and ...

REGISTER EARLY:  Discounted early entry fee up to about sixty days before the race.  Fill out an entry form, complete instructions, and mail it with applicable entry fee to the address on the form. 

ENTRY Fees:     SOLO (Runner, cyclist or walker) = $40/entry until 12/1/13.   From 12/1 to 2/14/14, entry fee=$50.   After 2/14, entry for solo is $60

RELAY TEAMS = $70 for 2-person or 3-person team and $150 for 4-person or 5-person team until 12/1.   From 12/1 - 2/14, entry for 2 or 3-person team is $90, and 4- or 5-person team entry is $180.   After 2/14, entry for 2- or 3-person team is $110 and for 4- or 5-person team entry is $200. 

Fill out an entry form, complete instructions, and mail it in to the address on the form. Entry form and payment must reach Race Director at least 5 days prior to the race -- after this time, see "Late Registration", below.

10 DAYS PRIOR TO RACE DAY, AND AT LATE REGISTRATION: The Performance Jetty-2-Jetty Beach Ultra & Relay late registration will begin at 7:30am on the morning of the race (see the Jetty-2Jetty Updates page for details). Within 10 days of the race and at the Late Registration opportunity on the morning of the race, the entry fee is $70 per participant for individual racers, and $125 per TEAM (when there are two or three in your team) or $230 per TEAM (if there are 4 or 5 on your team). Fill out an entry form, waiver form, complete instructions, and bring it with you to the Late Registration and Pre-Race meeting on the morning of the race. If you plan to register on race-day morning, be sure to email (to your entry info (Name(s), age, gender, run-or-bike, T-shirt size, Team makeup and team name) and call us in advance (904-373-8411) to allow for logistics for you. 

You should pre-register at least ten days prior to race day in order to be sure to receive your official FINISHER'S T-SHIRT in your size.

Race-day Check-in: Racers will meet to check in with Race Officials on race morning 45 minutes prior to the start time, at the beach access at Atlantic Boulevard, Atlantic Beach, prior to the Race.  Be sure to check the Jetty-2-Jetty Updates page for any late changes in our plans. The Performance Jetty-2-Jetty Ultra and Team Relay is scheduled to start at 8:30am. All participants (solo and relay) need to bring a completed copy of the J2J Waiver with them to turn in at Check-in on race day.

Pre-Race Meeting: The participants' Pre-Race Meeting will begin 15 minutes prior to the race start on the day of the race, at the beach access at Atlantic Boulevard, Atlantic Beach (see the Jetty-2Jetty Updates page for details). All participants (or a Team representative) should be sure to attend the meeting to receive details about the start, mileage/access charts, and the safety briefing.   Participants will then proceed as a group to the start on the beach.

JETTY-2-JETTY UPDATES: Be sure to watch the Jetty-2Jetty Updates page for any changes and last-minute information.

Runners will want to invite family or friends to meet you or even ride a bike along the course in support of individuals or groups of runners. 

J2J is an adventure run, meaning that there is minimal food and beverage support provided by race staff at our checkpoints along the way. We usually have 3-6 check points on the course. You are allowed to have a support team (or person) that would meet you anywhere along the way as you prefer (not just the Race check points, but not crossing private property). There are countless public access points along the beach, though fewer toward the end of the course. You can choose to carry your fluids and food, or have a supporter meet you periodically along the way to re-supply.

You can sign up for updates about our events:

All participants are encouraged to make their own arrangements for water, sport drink, food along the way, though Performance Multisports may be able to provide some refreshments at a few checkpoint sites along the course and at the finish. 

Measured on-site using the latest satellite tracking data, we have created a chart of some of the key distances for those participating or asking friends or family to provide aid or come to watch along the course -- Click here to see a printable chart of some distances between our usual access points.

The finish is at the southernmost jetty on the beach in Vilano Beach. It can be reached by driving on the beach or your crew can park off the beach and walk to the jetty. We advise staying on the packed driving area on the sand, not on any soft sand. The finish line is reached by driving south on Hwy A1A and keep straight at the last traffic light (do NOT turn to cross the Vilano Bridge to St Augustine). Go left (east) at the "T" in the road just about .2 mile past the turn for the bridge. Go straight to the beach access and onto the beach. Turn right (south) to find the jetty which juts out into the ocean for a short way. Our bright color flags will mark the finish line at the Jetty.

Participants should also make arrangements for return transportation to their vehicles if left at the Start area or in the Atlantic Beach area.

All solo run and bike participants and at least one representative of each Relay Team need to attend the Pre-Race Meeting on the morning of the Race.

 Participants need to arrive at the designated Race Day Check-in early enough to check in and be ready for the Start.

This year we are conducting this event as a SPECIAL FUNDRAISER. You can run AND make a difference... 

Run00.gif (9483 bytes)

CHARITY CHALLENGE: This year, Performance Jetty-2-Jetty Ultra & Team Relay is fundraising for the Katie Caples Foundation (a 501c(3) charity), which presents the  Katie Ride for Life Bike Tour. You and your team are invited to take part in our race, and your additional donations will go to the Katie Caples Foundation, to help fund educational programs about organ and tissue donation. You and your team can win additional prizes for being the team that raises the highest dollar amount in donations (of course, they can include your own contributions). When checking in at the Pre-Race Meeting, be sure to notify our race officials at the check-in that you are also taking on the Charity Challenge. Of course, you can make personal donations to your team's total to increase your chances of being the "Highest-Total Team." 

Though the Performance Jetty-to-Jetty Beach Ultra & Team Relay may not be appropriate for untrained beginners to attempt the entire 35 miles individually, all abilities and ages are welcome and encouraged to come run, or walk your chosen distance, test your training levels, and join in the challenge and fun.

(Whiners may prefer to stay home with the remote control and watch golf or bowling on television...)

Get more information by calling (904) 373-8411 or email us: Performance Multisports.

Performance Multisports promotes healthy recreational opportunities in the NE Florida Beaches area. Performance provides athletes of many sports a way to meet, train, and socialize together, while giving back to the community, as it produces sports events for a variety of other non-profit organizations. 

We look forward to seeing you on the run!

Performance Multisports

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Performance Multisports promotes healthy recreational opportunities in the NE Florida area. Performance provides athletes of many sports a way to meet, train, and socialize together, while giving back to the community, as it produces sports events for a variety of other non-profit organizations. 

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