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Good preparation is what allows us to have great races.  Below you will find links to more details on training for various sport events and in a variety of conditions.  The ingredients of good conditioning normally are endurance and speed -- for each individual there is a different amount of each.

The ultimate goal is to finish with a feeling of personal satisfaction and accomplishment. With proper training, we can all reach that goal, each with the knowledge that we have succeeded.

This is a partial listing of Training resources, especially those on the Internet.  Please contact us to provide information on links that you feel may be missing from this list or if you would like to have your organization's site listed here.

Picture Florida --  

Heat Training and Racing Tips -- advantages of training in the heat and the value on race day


Hal Higdon Home Page -- Training tips from one of the best
Hal Higdon's Walt Disney World MARATHON TRAINING GUIDE -- planning for a marathon, especially Disney Marathon
Masters Athlete Physiology & Performance -- training research and ideas for adult athletes who wish to perform well
Post-race Recovery -- a plan for the days and weeks following your marathons or other long races

Training Tools & Equipment

Using the Heart Rate Monitor -- a voice of experience, Kim's take on the values of the HRM
User Comments on Wearing a HRM -- notes from a user and why to wear one


USA Swimming -- The national governing body for the sport of swimming
Triathlon Swimming -- efficiency in swimming benefits triathlons, too
Pool Training for Open Water Swimming -- making the transition to open water


WOMBATS -- Women's Mountain Bike and Tea Society -- great links and resources
Additional Cycling Links -- more good resources


Ten-hour-per-week Triathlon Plan -- A basic plan for preparing for a triathlon with only 10 hours per week


Race Walk/Fitness Walking

Sports Supplements & Nutrition

Patient's Guide to the Internet
Sympatico Health Links Reviews Sports & Fitness Year-Round Sports
Veggie Sports Association
Vegetarian Cuisine - from The Mining Co.


Flexibility and Stretching links -- a selection of sites that focus on stretching and flexibility

This listing (now in its beginnings...) is provided as a service to our Website's visitors, however accuracy of the listing is dependent upon information from some third parties and cannot be guaranteed. Please contact the organizers of events to confirm the dates, times, and locations.  For events coming up in the North Florida area, check out our Events Calendar.

Note: To tell us your comments or to be notified about upcoming sports events and activities in the Beaches area, fill out the  Notification Form and we'll add you to the list for timely email or fax notification.

If you are a multisports athlete of any age or ability and live in the Beaches area of Northeast Florida, consider joining Beach Endurance Sports Team, the First Coast's multisport organization for cycling, running, swimming, mountain biking, triathlon, walking, inline skating... well, you get the idea.

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