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Congratulations to all of the participants in The BEAR 2005! 

Once again, weather played a part, though not as seriously as a year ago. The morning of this race began with breezy winds coming from the Northeast, bringing some substantial surf along the beach. Additionally, as the day progressed the humidity stayed high and the temperature climbed into the 90's. The BEAR 2005 started with a Trek Stage in which all but one member of each team was blindfolded as they searched for three signs along the trees and brush that cover the secondary dunes near the oceanfront. The team leaders needed to literally lead their teams through sand and woodlands to complete this Trek and begin the next challenge. 

Following a gear check on the beach, teams were provided with instructions for a Paddle Stage that gave each team a choice: paddle on the ocean or portage to the Intracoastal Water and paddle to two locations on the flatter water of the ICW. After seeing the surf, most teams immediately chose to portage -- and search for the required checkpoints along the ICW. About six teams decided to attempt the ocean paddle and three of these teams succeeded in paddling past the surf and heading out to the ocean checkpoints. Other teams less successful in their ocean attempt were able to begin the portage to the ICW and try to catch up with the others. The two paddle stage choices were about equal and teams were mixed together again after returning from their different paddle stages. 

Next came the first (and for most teams, the only) Bike Stage of The BEAR 2005. This required teams to pedal and bushwhack through about half of the trails at Hanna Park. Since teams were not allowed to use wooded bridges along the bike trails, it became necessary to get off of the bikes and carry they across some of the ditches in the woods. There were five checkpoints along the Bike Stage and teams needed to collect information or solve puzzles at each assigned point.  The Bike Stage was followed by a quick run into the surf called the Shark Bait event -- really just a chance to cool down after a hot, energetic bike ride in the woods.

Perhaps one of the hardest stages of the race came next -- the Free Trek Stage. Teams were provided with instructions to find their way to a specific point in Hanna Park, where they would find the directions to the next checkpoint Each point found would have directions to the following point, until the teams were directed back to the Main Transition. Since teams were not to use bike trails, there was a need for some creative bushwhacking that covered much of Hanna Park. This Free Trek stage took many teams as much as three hours or more, when they had difficulty locating some of the CPs. As most teams completed the Free Trek, they discovered that they were at the Finish Line -- but not for every team...

In a very unusual situation, at the end of the long Free Trek Stage, the top three teams arrived at the Main Transition together -- in fact, they seemed to be overlapped. These three teams were given instructions to continue on the Tour de Beaches Bike Stage and this became the final leg of the race for Team E-Caps/WeCeFAR, Team Flight, and Team Chi Junkies. All other teams finished the race at the end of the Free Trek Stage.

In a difficult final Bike Stage that took their team over two and a half hours to complete, Team E-Caps/WeCeFAR was able to win The BEAR 2005, as they gained a 14 minute advantage over Team Flight and even more on Chi Junkies. In a display of real strength, although they completed another stage in The BEAR, these three teams still finished within the 12-hour limit.  As Race Officials, we were truly inspired by the efforts of all of the teams in The BEAR 2005 and they are all to be congratulated!

The BEAR 2006 will be held at Hanna Park, Atlantic Beach, on Sunday, September 3, 2006. 

Online registration is now open for The BEAR 2006. Come join the fun!


Overall Place Team Name Division Finish Time Division Place
1 E-caps/WeCeFAR 4PC 10:40:47* 1
2 FLIGHT 4PC 10:54:26* 2
3 CHI JUNKIES 2PM 11:41:45* 1
4 WHAT A RIDE 2PM 9:32:05 2
5 TWO STOOGES 2PM 10:42:14 3
6 DEEP SEA DUO 2PC 10:46:11 1
7 DIRTY FISH 2PM 10:52:15 4
8 LUCAS 710 2PM 10:55:48 5
9 FIGJAM 4PC 11:01:01 3
10 WHICH WAY 2PF 11:08:07 1
11 MAKAJO 2PM 11:17:19 6
13 HOOF HEARTED 2PM 11:17:38 7
14 BEAUTY & THE BEAST 2PC 11:24:21 2
15 EIGHT GOOD LEGS 4PC 11:26:04 5
16 MORNING GLORIES 4PF 11:29:20 1
17 FLORIDA IMPORTS 4PC 11:37:17 6
18 ARE WE THERE YET? 4PC 11:53:08 7

  *  These first three teams participated in an additional 17 mile long bike stage as a tie-breaker.

The following teams did not complete the full course within the allotted 12-hour time, or did not make the intermediate cut-off time to continue on the final stage.

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