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(Note: for those of you who have read or heard about some of Jeff Galloway's suggested training and "running" plans for run/walking a marathon, you may also enjoy this latest development -- somewhat tongue-in-cheek.  John L. Parker is a writer for Runner's World.)

Galloway's Shocking New Marathon Plan

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By John L. Parker, Jr.

Atlanta running guru Jeff Galloway has announced a "foolproof" new
training program designed to make it easier for runners to complete a

"We've used this program on an experimental basis with several
hundred runners now and the success rate so far has been 100 percent.
I'm now confident enough to recommend it to anyone who wants to
run a marathon," said the former Olympian.

Galloway said he got the idea for the program many years ago after the
birth of his first child when he began noticing the toll nightly infant
care was taking on his training.

"I was sleep-deprived and it began to directly affect my running," said
the best-selling author. "Then I noticed that a lot of my fellow runners
were in the same boat. They were hard-working, hard-training yuppie
types, and they were all showing signs of trying to do too much on too
little sleep. If it can have that much effect on your daily life, imagine
what it can do to you when you're trying to race 26.2 miles!"

Galloway said he was beginning a nationwide series of seminars on his
new "Run/Nap Marathon Plan," which he describes as follows:
"Basically, you run the race as you normally would, but every 5 miles
you stop and get 20 minutes of solid rack time."

He said he was also starting a word-of-mouth campaign to convince
race directors to provide roadside cots for runners wishing to use his
method, but that in the meantime he was recommending that his
devotees pull along lightweight titanium-frame chaise
lounges. "They're basically the same kind the astronauts use," he said.
"You can really get some shut-eye on one of these babies!"

Galloway acknowledged that frequent "sleep breaks" seemingly would
add many minutes to a runner's finishing time, but said that the
athletes' "renewed vigor" when finally back on their feet would "more
than make up" for time spent "sawing logs."

"They're actually running faster times with the naps than without
them!" he said.

When asked how he had verified this startling claim, the wizened
aerobic Pied Piper replied: "This friend of mine named Chuck
something worked it all out on one of those really complicated
scientific calculators, and it's very very true!"

Galloway said he thought run/napping would also work effectively for
shorter distances and that he could foresee a day when "even out-and-
back 5K runners would grab a quick snooze at the turnaround point."

"This is all very exciting," he said.  "Run/napping allows people to
participate in racing who never would have considered it
because they simply couldn't get through a distance race without
drifting off. Now they can go into the race knowing in advance that
they are going to take regular siestas, and that they're still going to
finish faster than if they actually tried to run the whole way!"

Galloway, who reportedly ran upwards of 140 miles a week during the
heyday of his own running career, was asked if he had used the run/nap
approach himself to make the 1976 Olympic team.

"Gosh, no," said the formerly coherent pundit. "We just weren't that
advanced in those days."

(Copyright 1998 John L. Parker, Jr. Permission is granted for private non-commercial electronic copying and/or forwarding, provided copyright notice and by-line remain intact. All other rights reserved.)

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