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swim with the sharks

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For many of us, swimming is the most difficult segment of a triathlon -- psychologically, if not physically. The water is often cold, always deep, and depending upon the location, the thoughts of the animals beneath the surface can be frightening! Here in Florida, our lakes are visited by alligators, while our ocean beaches are just about as popular for sharks as for sunbathers. Fortunately, there have never been reports of meetings between triathletes and these creatures.

Swimming is the biggest challenge for a lot of people that want to do a triathlon. Without years of swim lessons, or being on swim teams as a kid, it almost seems like learning to swim for a triathlon is impossible. Of course, that is just not correct. No matter what your age, you can learn to be a more efficient and successful swimmer.

One good thing about swimming is that it is mostly technique. Once you learn the correct way to swim, it almost gets easy! Well, not quite, but almost. And as you continue to practice, you will continue to improve. Unfortunately, many people try to work on their swim fitness before they improve their swim form. Keep in mind that swimming is mostly technique. You can improve your swimming efficiency much quicker by using  good swimming form with concentration, body awareness, and knowledge, than by using muscles, strength, and lung power.

Velocity in the water is a function of stroke length and stroke rate. Stroke length is positioning your body in the water so it goes as far as possible with each stroke. Stroke rate is how quickly you move your arms and take each stroke. Water is 1,000 times denser than air! Therefore, the best way to make dramatic improvements in your swimming is by focusing on stroke length. In order to improve your stroke length you need to cut the resistance of your body through the water. Swimming efficiently means streamlining your body as much as possible. The three key ways to do this are:

1. Balance your body better in the water. Pressing your buoy will help you be more relaxed in the water.
2. Make your body longer. Front quadrant swimming makes you swim taller and faster.
3. Swim on your side, not on your belly. Rolling side to side on every stroke uses less energy.

These three principles of proper swimming may be new to you. They can be easily learned and applied using drills to reinforce the techniques involved. They should be the main focus of your swim workouts. Contact a masters swim coach in your area to learn how to get a head start on swimming efficiently.

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