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             Walkers.gif (3068 bytes) Many people enjoy Walking for exercise or to compete. There are those of all ages who get out nearly every day to walk for fitness and just to enjoy the outdoors. In many running races, there are categories that include fitness walkers and Race Walkers, who take their sport quite seriously. There is some real skill and technique involved in Race Walking, including the ability to follow strict rules for this sport. Any runner that has been passed by Race Walkers has learned that some of the "walkers" are actually very fast. They can be very disciplined and determined -- and are burning up alot of calories, too.
RaceWalk Florida --  contact Susan Heft at susan@racewalkflorida.com or (352) 567-0855. This is a new website for Florida racewalking, including a calendar of racewalk events. Susan is a USATF Certified Official and Coach and coaches racewalkers and other endurance athletes.
Dave McGovern's RACEWALK pages -- Resources for those who prefer to racewalk.
Racewalk.com -- A great site for those interested in the form and rules of RaceWalking
USA Track & Field -- Road Running Information Center -- Also the national organization for racewalking. The starting point.
Volksmarch and Walking Index -- The Homepage of the American Volksmarch Association. This is about serious walking -- and you didn't think walking was serious?
If you are a multisport athlete of any age or ability and live in the Beaches area of Northeast Florida, consider joining Beach Endurance Sports Team, the First Coast's multisport organization for cycling, running, swimming, walking, mountain biking, triathlon, inline skating... well, you get the idea.

This listing is provided as a service to our Website's visitors, however accuracy of the listing is dependent upon information from some third parties and cannot be guaranteed. Please contact the organizers of events to confirm the dates, times, and locations. For events coming up in the North Florida area, check out our Events Calendar. If you have ideas for additional Walking links and resources, please contact us with your suggestion and Website address.

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